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Cost-Effective Marketing: A Key Tool for the Independent Consultant
29 January 2014
Newly independent consultants often struggle with marketing when they cut-loose from large organisations. A different, smarter approach is often required.

How to Become a Home-Based Freelance Consultant
24 January 2014
Excellent, practical insights in to the realities of Starting Your Own Consultancy, from The Guardian Small Business Network.

Frustrated Corporate 'Lifers' Start Home Based IT Consultancies
22 January 2014
New ways of working: harness the power of Social Media.

Cloud Consulting - New Horizons?
13 January 2014
New technology always offers up tremendous opportunities for Starting Your Own Consultancy. Get ahead of the wave.

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) - The World's Fastest Growing Consulting Market
17 January 2014
Consulting spend in UAE, Qatar & Saudi Arabia growing by 20% year on year to $1.9Bn. Main drivers: rapid pace of change combined with skills shortages. Geographic location can present huge opportunity when starting your own consultancy.

Lactation Education and Consultant Program
17 January 2014
Become certified as a Lactation Consultant: International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)

Meet an IT Consultant - with Diversified Business Interests!
08 Dec 2013
IT Consulting; Wool from Goats; Old Motorcycles. All run from a Swiss mountain hideaway. Meet the man...

Growth in Engineering Consultancy in Delhi, Mumbai & the Gulf.
05 Dec 2013
FEDO, a leading global engineering consultancy is growing as it supports clients with infrastructure modernisation in the fields of: pharmaceuticals, fertilisers, pesticides, petrochemicals, refining, hydro-metallurgy and organic & inorganic acids.

Is working as an Independent Consultant the Right Move for You?
05 Dec 2013
A very personal career decision; which way are you leaning?

IT Consultants - Thinking of Moving Back to Full-Time Employment?
02 Dec 2013
Key questions to consider before ditching the flexible lifestyle and highly cash-generative Independent Consulting model in favour of an employed position.

Senior Media & TV Executive - insights in to Consulting & Recruitment in the Media sector
01 Dec 2013
Reputation, experience, knowledge & contacts. Key ingredients for success in Media Consulting.

Can & Should Customers become Friends? Discuss.
09 Sept 2013
New technology is disruptive; and it creates new opportunities for Companies to deepen relationships with their Customers. Plum opportunities to support your Clients through turbulent times.

Why not Start your own Consultancy Instead of Retiring?
26 Aug 2013
If you either feel you are not ready to retire, OR you're concerned that you can't afford to... Priceless insights in to the realities of starting your own consultancy.

Young (30) McKinsey Consultant becomes Serbia's New Finance Minister
14 Aug 2013
Proof that a spell in Consulting can be the platform for exciting career moves in to some very Senior positions.

Consulting Market in India grows by 4% to over $1.5Bn
07 Aug 2013
Cloud Computing & Infrastructure projects combined with skills shortages create compelling opportunities for skilled Consultants.

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