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Spelling on

Spelling on

The spelling used on is a combination of English (UK) and English (US). This is primarily due to the three authors of the content having varied geographic roots and work locations.

Accordingly when browsing the site you will come across a few inconsistencies. For example, on some pages you will find the word 'program' spelt both in US English and UK: 'programme'.

Further examples will include behaviour and behavior; organisation and organization etc.

Visitors to the site come from all over the world and accordingly we've taken the decision not to be overly concerned about occasional variations and inconsistencies in spelling - you can't please all of the people all of the time.

We are grateful to the small number of visitors who have brought these inconsistencies to our attention, but, on balance, we consider it a more pressing priority to continue creating new content for the site rather than being too concerned about achieving complete consistency in this respect. We hope you understand and agree.


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