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Six Sigma Consulting Services.
Introduced in the 1980s by Motorola, Inc. in their efforts to significantly decrease the number of defects in the manufacture of their electronics components, the Six Sigma concept has become a comprehensive quality performance business tool used by most successful organizations throughout the world today. With its broad application across most major industry sectors, Six Sigma offers financially rewarding and intellectually challenging opportunities for the delivery of Six Sigma consulting services.

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Six Sigma, also written as 6 Sigma, has become the generic term, such as used by six sigma consultants, for the statistical process that reduces variations in the outcome of a manufacturing or business process to near-zero. Some companies, such as GE, use the '6 Sigma' designation for logos and for 6 sigma consulting services, although Motorola still holds the registered trademark for 'Six Sigma'. Six Sigma is basically a quality improvement intervention technique based on the quest for near perfect process outcomes.

The objective of six sigma and six sigma consulting is to establish a process, whether it be in manufacturing or a service organization, that achieves a level of quality that produces a defect level of less than 3.4 parts per million (PPM). The methodology of 6 Sigma consists of five concepts known as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), which is used to improve an existing process, and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) which is used in new product process implementation.

Both methodologies first Define the goals of processes consistent with organizational objectives, then Measure current or expected capabilities and collect or formulate data, and then Analyze to develop alternatives to enhance performance. DMAIC then Improves the process to achieve set objectives and then Controls the process to ensure variances are immediately corrected. DMADV takes Design details into consideration to optimize the concept and then Verifies the design through pilot runs and beta tests before implementing the process.

The Six Sigma Consulting Services Offering
Because of the demand by corporate executives for six sigma quality levels in their own organizations and that of their suppliers, six sigma consultants provide much value to management in implementing 6 Sigma to their processes. Organizations understand the monetary benefits of incorporating this method, but most do not possess the expertise to implement Six Sigma and call on 6 Sigma consultants for implementation.

The six sigma consultant provides not only the expertise in successfully establishing a six sigma program, he or she can also measure the results and show the savings in time and real dollars resulting from six sigma implementation. There is little need for six sigma consultants to convince companies to implement the program; most companies are aware of the benefits of the six sigma concept and are more interested in how to implement it in their own organizations. From incorporating statistical analysis into a manufacturing system to process re-engineering, six sigma consultants save companies money through more efficient use of existing resources. That is a high value intervention and it can make the difference in determining whether an organization is profitable or loss making.

Skill Sets Of Six Sigma Consultants
Six sigma is a highly statistical method for controlling a process and, as such, requires a strong background in engineering and mathematics. Those involved in the quality control field are excellent candidates for six sigma consulting services. Knowing how to use measured and statistical data is a key component of mastering six sigma as well as in-depth knowledge of basic engineering principles and mathematical concepts.

There are three distinct levels of expertise among six sigma consultants and corporate personnel engaged as six sigma practitioners. These are categorized into Green Belt, Black Belt Practitioner, and Master Black Belt. Each level requires a higher degree of expertise and determines the mastery of six sigma implementation and maintenance. Usually a Master Black Belt is involved in a mentoring or training role among new people entering the field or joining an organization's quality assurance department. The other two levels are involved in the implementation of the process.

Career Potential For 6 Sigma Consulting
The success that companies have experienced as a result of six sigma program implementation has been made common knowledge by multi-national corporations such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan, just to name a few. This information has created a demand for the six sigma approach and methodology not only among manufacturers, but across all global financial services organizations.

Such a broad application and adoption of six sigma presents very exciting opportunities for six sigma consultants. From the basic levels of statistical analysis to the Master Black Belt designation, six sigma consulting services will continue to be sought by organizations throughout the world. Your level of achievement is only limited by your skill level.

Armed with a background in engineering, quality assurance, or statistical mathematics, candidates can enter the six sigma consulting field and gain the additional expertise required to excel in implementing the six sigma methodology. In addition, there are a number of niches within the field that can be exploited for further competitive advantage.

Six Sigma Consulting Services - The Rewards
The monetary rewards resulting from 6 sigma consulting can be significant. Since the six sigma consultant can provide a service that is highly specialized and saves the client company money, the compensation that can be commanded is limited only by your expertise, industry niche and your skill in negotiating an arrangement with the client. Even the consultant first entering the field can make six figures.

The field of six sigma is broad enough to allow a number of niches to be exploited by the sharp consultant. Each project and organization builds upon the experience and knowledge that create even greater opportunities as new skills are gained and add value to your portfolio.

There are also the rewards of professional satisfaction in helping organizations improve their quality and, hence, their bottom line. The involvement in the end-to-end process of definition, analysis, implementation, and optimization affords the consultant an enjoyable environment and the feeling of real accomplishment.

The Potential As An Independent Six Sigma Consultant
Once the concept of six sigma has been mastered and the skill set has been rounded out, you can offer independent six sigma consulting services directly to corporations or to consulting firms specializing in quality assurance consulting. You will be highly marketable and be able to command top compensation.

Even though many large corporations have implemented six sigma with their own staff, six sigma consulting services remain in demand, either to interact with the existing internal six sigma team or to maintain a part of the program on a regular basis. There are many opportunities to offer six sigma consulting services as an independent consultant with the right skills and contacts.

Six Sigma is not easy to master, but that is what makes it such an attractive field to enter and what creates opportunities for those skilled in the discipline. With a background in engineering, mathematics or related disciplines, you have the foundation that can start you off on a career in six sigma consulting services; the path will be less difficult if you have those basic skills.

As the six sigma concept grows, so does the demand for six sigma consulting services. Now is an excellent time to enter the field as a 6 sigma consultant: as competition among global corporations accelerates, the need for six sigma consulting services increases correspondingly.

Take the first step towards an exciting profession with great rewards and a bright future by learning more about the benefits of working in the six sigma consulting arena.

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