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Sample Consulting Agreement
'Schedule B'

Sample Consulting Agreement 'Schedule B' - narrative:
  • Schedule B should be used to record any specific requests or requirements of the Client
  • It is useful to summarize these client specific requirements in a supporting schedule to avoid losing this information in the more detailed body of the main consulting agreement

The most common areas in which a client may have special requirements will include:
  • Indemnification of the client by the subcontractor against any claims for damages arising from breach of third party proprietary intellectual property rights committed by the subcontractor / consultant
  • Ownership of intellectual property
  • Confidentiality and trade secrets
  • Arrangements for booking travel and accommodation
  • The method of calculation and reimbursement of expenses arising from the assignment
  • Any specific arrangements or requirements to come into effect in the event of termination of the Project

This schedule to the contract can in some circumstances be quite lengthy and complex.

Factors that will influence the extent to which the client wishes to make use of this schedule will include:
  • The nature of the client's business
  • The industry or sector in which the client operates - there may be particular sensitivities or exposures which the client ordinarily needs to address in order to protect its market position or competitive advantage. Examples would include software development, pharmaceuticals, banking, defence
  • The general attitude of the leadership team to risk - some clients are extremely risk averse and will be looking to specify particular terms and conditions for contract or consulting resource; be cautious -some of these requirements could be quite onerous

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