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Salesforce Training
Essential Skills for the
Salesforce Consulting Partner

Salesforce training is targeted at Salesforce Consulting Partners in order that they can gain knowledge and certification in salesforce products and services.

End customers quite rightly expect consulting partners to be salesforce expert practitioners bringing comprehensive and practical knowledge of the functionality and potential of both core Salesforce and offerings.

Therefore, sales force training presents two exciting and distinct commercial opportunities for the independent consultant:

1. Delivering Salesforce Training
The sales force organization continues to grow rapidly and is actively looking for skilled professionals to deliver training to both:
  • End customer users of Salesforce products and
  • Salesforce Consulting Partners to enable them to lead implementations of Salesforce products in customer businesses

2. Receiving Salesforce Training
If you aspire to become a Salesforce Consulting Partner you will need to establish a relationship with the salesforce organization and as part of your preparation for working as a consulting partner you will undertake sales force training.

Through time you will combine your theoretical training and product knowledge with practical experience of the Salesforce or offerings.

Whether your need is to receive training or collaborate with in delivering training, the opportunities are global, the salesforce business is growing steadily and there has never been a better time to develop your skills and gain your accreditation as a salesforce expert.

As ever, investment of time, effort and some funding in Professional Training & Development is an investment in your future and will payback tenfold.

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