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Salesforce Consulting Partner Model
Your Opportunity to Collaborate with a World-Class CRM Organization

Salesforce Consulting offers you the opportunity to combine your practical experience of Marketing, Sales or Customer Relationship Management with the truly impressive global reach, branding and capabilities of the product and service offering.

The sales force consulting partner model operates globally, by region in the Americans, AsiaPac and EMEA, and offers you the opportunity to work with customers on the implementation of World-Class CRM and solutions.

Benefits to the Independent Consultant
Working as a Salesforce Consulting Partner you will benefit greatly from:
  • Branding and reputation: the salesforce brand and reputation are globally established
  • Reduced time to market: the suite of salesforce products and services are pre-existing and proven; combine this with your practical experience to rapidly identified niche consulting opportunities
  • The opportunity to promote, sell and implement world-class technology solutions to provide enduring benefit to your clients
  • Leverage the salesforce brand, infrastructure, customer base and network of trainers, developers and referral partners to accelerate the process of establishing and developing your own consulting business

The Salesforce Consulting Partner Program enables you to showcase your skills and experience and offer your clients proven, robust, turn-key solutions based on the software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service ( models.

A Progressive Collaboration
The salesforce partnership model offers a progressive scale of benefits depending on your level of investment in the relationship: Registered Partner is the entry level relationship; the mid level is Select Partner; the top level is the Premier Partner.

Each level of Salesforce Consulting Partner relationship offers core benefits to the consultant spanning sales and marketing; product awareness, training & salesforce product accreditation; technical support including demonstration versions of salesforce products.

Win / Win: A Genuine Collabrative Partnership
Consulting partners typically progress from entry level through to higher levels of relationship with salesforce, But at all stages the collaborative benefits of the relationship are apparent.

As you would expect, will agree with you in advance a target minimum revenue commitment (i.e.: your sales target) and work with you to develop a business plan to achieve that target.

Before you start working with clients you will be required to complete Salesforce product training and gain certification to prove your competency. Client implementation projects are subject to quality checks and reviews by and customer satisfaction is monitored on a regular basis.

All of these checks and balances are integrated into the collaborative Salesforce Consulting Partner relationship to ensure high quality outcomes for the end client, the consulting partner and as an organization.

The Consulting Partner offering is without doubt one of the most compelling, high quality and well regarded models of its type in the World. The benefits to the independent consultant of moving into a consulting partner relationship with the Salesforce organization are likely to be substantial, enduring and financially rewarding.

Note: salesforce sfa,, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) are registered trademarks of the group.

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