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Salesforce Automation Software - Consulting Services delivering integrated Sales Capability

Salesforce automation software typically forms one element of a wider suite of systems, processes and controls that together represent a company's Customer Relationship Management capability.

A salesforce automation system enables the integrated management and operation of all stages in the end to end sales process.

At the front end a contact management system holds basic information about the customer and records all contact made with the customer thereby enabling the organization to avoid duplication of contact with customers.

The basic functionality of salesforce automation software also typically extends to include sales lead tracking, order management, product information and sales forecasting. More advanced sales automation systems enable customers to customize products online prior to purchasing.

The full potential benefits of Salesforce automation to the organization will only be realized when the application is integrated into the operations of all functions and departments that have contact with customers. If this is achieved then all customer facing staff across the organization, regardless of location or function, will have access to one 'single version of the truth' i.e.: common access to one system that contains all up-to-date customer, contact and sales information.

Salesforce automation is a perfect example of a niche within which an experienced Sales or Customer Relationship professional can operate with confidence as an independent consultant.

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