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The Oracle consultant; when it comes to business process management software and ERP, no other name commands the level of attention of Oracle.

Whether it is Enterprise Resource Planning or systems innovations, the Oracle consultant is universally respected, highly sought after, and handsomely compensated. Few other names, with the exceptions being SAP and Microsoft, carry the reputation of providing cost-effective solutions to corporations in managing their operational interfaces and end-to-end supply chains.

The Oracle organization has taken it's core business and expanded it's scope and product offerings through research, innovation, and integrating other companies into their organization. With the acquisition of the PeopleSoft and JD Edwards product suites, Oracle has secured and solidified its position as a leader in its field. This has created greater opportunities for the Oracle consultant who can now offer Oracle consulting services, PeopleSoft consulting services, and JD Edwards consulting services all under one brand umbrella.

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The Oracle Product
Oracle's product offering has expanded over the last thirty years to include the latest in software technology and business operating solutions with faster implementation, improved productivity, and greater return on investment for their clients. Oracle's products and services help companies manage their business systems and information with cutting edge, robust technology that provide greater efficiency and impressive results.

The Skills Of The Oracle Consultant
In order to offer Oracle consulting services, a solid understanding of business operations and functions is a prerequisite, in addition to, of course, a full knowledge of the Oracle product. The broader the base of business knowledge that you have, the better equipped you will be to provide your Oracle consulting services from a solid and well rounded foundation of commercial insight.

You do not need to be a specialist in all areas of ERP consulting or the full package of Oracle's software. For example, if you have a financial, HR, IT or manufacturing background, you already possess knowledge that will provide a sound base for learning the specifics of Oracle products and services and how they can solve business problems.

Oracle has it's own training facility with state-of-the-art teaching methods and aids. This training is available to all who endeavor to implement and maintain Oracle products in industry. They have also collaborated with educational institutions to offer training in Oracle's products. Besides Oracle consulting training, you can also get training in PeopleSoft consulting and JD Edwards consulting.

Combine your depth of experience in a particular industry or technical / professional discipline specific with the Oracle brand and training, and the Oracle professional or ERP consultant is presented with lucrative opportunities that are not available in other disciplines or professions. Continued demand and changes in business and technology will continue to open doors for the Oracle consultant.

Client organizations the world over are wrestling with a relentless requirement to optimize operations and demonstrate consistent and sustainable improvements in return on capital. ERP and particularly the Oracle product offerings therefore represent a highly profitable route to market for the aspiring independent Oracle practitioner.

A Career as an Oracle Consulting Professional
The career potential as an Oracle consultant can be far-reaching and more secure in the long-run relative to the market for generalist consulting offerings. Technology and automation have created a need in industry and government for skilled consultants who can act swiftly to implement solutions using the latest Oracle and ERP product and service offerings.

An Oracle profesional will be able to access opportunities with global organisations and capitalise on his or her own professional expertise from human resource management to accounting across every major industry sector. The potential for creating a successful consulting business is substantial.

There are three main career paths that are open to the aspiring Oracle professional:
  • You can take Oracle training and become an independent consultant
  • You can secure employment on the payroll of a large consulting firm that engages in Oracle consulting, PeopleSoft consulting, and/or JD Edwards consulting
  • You can work directly for Oracle and benefit from their in-house training and resources available only to their employees

There is great potential for you to use your Oracle training and become an independent consultant offering solutions with the implementation of Oracle ERP software. As an experienced Oracle software technician, you have marketable skills that will put you in demand.

Rewards For The Oracle Consultant
The financial rewards available in Oracle consulting can be significant. Having the skills to implement Oracle systems puts you in high demand. This causes potential clients to offer high-end compensation packages for Oracle consulting services. Typically, demand outstrips supply for PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Oracle consultants; this puts a solid floor under the professional services market for Oracle consulting and underpins a higher long run average fee base than is available to consultants who do not possess this specialist experience and knowledge.

There are also the rewards of the prestige of being in demand for your services. Nothing is more rewarding than being sought after and offered substantial fees to do what you enjoy doing. That is Oracle consulting, the name recognized and respected by industry leaders. The name makes you highly marketable. The knowledge makes you top dog in your field.

If you want to make a difference, stand above the competition, and create a highly profitable, and ultimately independent consulting business, becoming an Oracle consultant can be central to your success and enable you to fast track your road to personal financial freedom.

The Oracle website is loaded with a wealth of information that will open your eyes to the opportunities and potential. Learn more at: and take the first step.

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