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To help the first time visitor with navigating Independent Consulting Bootcamp .com, the overview set out below provides you with a 'way in' to the body of content.

The Why, What, When and How of setting up your own Independent Consulting Business are good places to start.

However, those four pages represent just a fraction of the content available on the site, so just move on from those pages once you have some basic orientation.

I hope you enjoy the site and find the content useful. New content is added regularly, so please feel free to check back in periodically.

Best wishes

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There are many ways to access the content on

A good place to start is to browse the Four interrelated pages that are summarised and linked below.

Taken together, these pages provide a basic body of information to help fast-track your research and decision making in respect of your own consulting business.

The four pages seek to answer following questions:

1. Why
The rationale for considering starting your own consulting business including consideration of the advantages and disadvantages.

2. What
What is a Consultant? - Basic definitions and distinctions between different ways of working.

3. When
The factors that are likely to influence the timing of your move to establish your own consulting practice.

4. How
A summary of the key activities and steps that are inherent to starting your own consulting business and making a smooth transition to a commercially successful independent consulting business.

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