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Medical Insurance for Self Employed Contractors
What Price for Peace of Mind?

Risks and Consequences
Medical insurance for self employed contractors provides peace of mind and insurance against the cost of treating illnesses or diseases that would potentially prevent you from working.

We all run the risk of developing an illness that requires specialist medical or surgical treatment and possibly hospitalization for a period of time.

If you are operating as a sole practitioner i.e. without an alternate, then it is likely that the consulting business would be forced to cease trading temporarily as a consequence of your illness. In this circumstance it is important that you receive treatment as quickly as possible in order to minimize your period of incapacity.

Self Employed Health Insurance
Medical insurance covers the cost of providing the insured with rapid access to high quality private medical expertise, facilities and care. The speed of treatment may be more rapid than any public sector alternative which may result in reduced disruption to your consulting practice.

An additional advantage of medical insurance for the self employed is that it can offer the patient greater choice and flexibility, for example allowing treatments to take place at a time and in a location that best suits your personal and business circumstances.

Medical insurance can be perceived as an expensive luxury, however your consulting practice is directly dependent upon your health and well being.

Policies can be tailored to suit your budget and your particular requirements. It is important to seek independence advice in order to identify the right policy for your circumstances.

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