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Freelance Change Management Consultant

by Dale
(Queensland, Australia)

I'm finally taking the plunge into the exciting world of working for myself as a freelance change management consultant.

I've reached the point where I've identified what I enjoy doing supported by qualifications in HR Management, line management experience and a broad range of experience across a number of different business disciplines.

My business plan has been evolving and until I read your contribution under ‘Niche' consulting was of the opinion that my area of specialisation was going to be: process analysis and mapping; change management; learning and development and system review (audit).

The trouble was that every time I was asked by key friends or like minded individuals already working for themselves "What is it you intend to do?" - I always struggled to give a concise answer that adequately answered the question. I thought that if I can't answer that question convincingly, how am I going to convince my potential clients of what it is I'm offering as a solution to their business problem?

It would appear that the solution to my problem is that my niche market is actually change management incorporating all of the above as part of the complex web of change requirements within business.

I've been offered a role as a HR lead and change management specialist on an organisation restructure project that will give me a minimum of 6 months consistent work to get me started. I was planning a longer transition into working for myself but the opportunity has presented itself so its all in for the ride. I've knocked back enough opportunities in the past mostly through fear of the unknown and failure which has always been a difficult hurdle for me to come to terms with and I guess the same difficulty for some of your other readers that possibly are contemplating the same move.

Thank you for enabling me to identify the solution to an important identity dilemma for my business.

Queensland, Australia

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