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Cost Effective Dental Insurance
for Self Employed Contractors

Dental insurance for self employed contractors can make good sense financially in the long run.

Risks and Consequences
Dental treatment can be expensive and the availability of top quality dental specialists can be limited depending on your location. Securing the treatment you need, in a location and at a time that suits your schedule as a self employed contractor can be problematic and risks disrupting your work with clients.

If you are resigning from the employed position it is likely that your current page of employee benefits will include some provision to assist with the cost of dental care for yourself and your family. It would be sensible to replace this provision by making private arrangements.

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance is a relatively low cost solution and a means of funding preventive care of your teeth. Regular visits to a dentist and dental hygienist are recommended to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

Dental checkups and treatment are expenses that you will incur ordinarily whether you choose to fund this treatment on a piecemeal / pay as you go basis, or whether you buy into a dental insurance plan.

In the long run it is often the case that accessing dental care through a structured and ongoing dental insurance plan is a more cost effective approach.

Another key advantage of being part of a stable, well funded scheme is that you will have more flexibility in accessing good quality dental care with appointment times and locations to suit your business schedule.

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