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Deloitte Consulting -
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Deloitte Consulting is another example of a consulting business that has developed as part of one of the Big Four audit firms. Deloitte, which is headquartered in New York, punches its weight alongside its peers: KPMG, Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Headline stats for Deloitte organization globally include operations in 130 countries, upward of 160,000 employees and revenues at c.$27Bn USD.

In common with the other Big Four firms, Deloitte's core business is in audit, taxation, financial advisory and consulting services.

Deloitte Consulting has a depth of capability in a number of targeted and complementary consulting disciplines including: enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; IT development & integration; outsourcing; human resource consulting and business strategy & operations consulting.

In line with other US based corporates, Deloitte is subject to the Sarbanes Oxley regime which limits the combinations of professional services that an advisory / assurance firm can provide to clients. The primary biting constraint is that in order to preserve the independence of an external audit firm, the organization should not also be engaged in providing highly profitable business consulting services to the same client.

Deloitte is very highly regarded as one of the leading professional services firms, providing a full suite of professional training and development programs; structured career progression and global opportunities for advancement. The firm has been consistently rated by Fortune as one of the 100 best employers.

Deloitte Consulting, as part of the global Deloitte brand, is arguably one of the most prestigious names that a management consultant can have on his or her resume.

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