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Consulting Services Agreement
'Schedule A'

Consulting Services Agreement 'Schedule A' - narrative:
  • Schedule A is one of two appendices to the main Consulting Services Agreement
  • The contents of the Schedule are mostly self explanatory setting out a range of basic information that is specific to a particular client and assignment
  • A separate schedule is used primarily for convenience and ease of reference because it avoids embedding (and potentially losing sight of) this key information in the body of the main Consulting Contract

Contents of Schedule A

1. The Client
The Client to whom the professional consulting Services will be provided by the Subcontractor Company: "The Client"
Company Name:
[ Insert Client Business name and address]

2. Commencement Date
The commencement date for delivery of the Services:
[ Insert Date ]

3. Project Term
The estimated period for completion of the Services based on preliminary assessment and agreement between the Client and The Company.

4. Project Brief
The summary Project Terms of Reference as initially agreed between The Company and the Client as part of the initial scoping of the assignment. These Terms of Reference will be reviewed periodically and may be updated by the Subcontractor Company in light of experience as delivery of the Services is progressed.

Consulting Services Agreement 'Schedule A' - narrative:

  • Allowing the subcontractor flexibility to review the terms of reference and potentially amend the scope or focus of the engagement is important as one test of independent contractor status. In so doing, the contractor will be exercising his professional judgment on the true nature, scale and scope of the assignment once he has had the chance to complete the preliminary work and form his professional opinion
  • Clearly, if following the initial period of work fundamental changes to the terms of reference are felt to be required then this will need to be discussed and agreed with the intermediary and the client

5. Project Rate

The Project Rate and terms of business including payment terms.

The Project Rate will be as follows:

Either: Fixed Fee: Total £XX,000 plus VAT at Y% / Sales Tax at Z%

Or: Daily Rate: £X,000 per day plus VAT at Y% / Sales Tax at Z%

Invoices will be paid 30 days following the date of invoice.

Consultant Services Agreement 'Schedule A' - narrative:
  • Self explanatory

6. Services
A Summary description of the Services to be provided by the Subcontractor Company including key outputs, outcomes or deliverables:

[ Insert overview of the Services to be provided including a short list of outputs, outcomes or deliverables required by the Client ]

Consulting Services Agreement 'Schedule A' - narrative:

  • An important section - it pays to be as explicit as possible in describing and documenting the deliverables and outcomes required.

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