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Consulting Agreement Example:
Appendix 1

Date of Commencement
This Consulting Agreement will commence on: [ 1 July 20XX ]

Date of Termination
31 December 20XX with an option for either party to terminate the contract in line with the terms of clause TWENTY ONE of this agreement

The Services
Insert details of the consulting assignment and work to be taken

Other duties
As discussed and agreed between the Consultant and the Client.

Consulting Agreement Example: Appendix - narrative:

  • It is important to be very explicit in documenting the precise nature of the work to be undertaken and the deliverables that will be provided. If it is not clear what needs to be delivered at the start of the contract then it will be almost impossible at the end of the contract to establish whether the objective has been met.
  • Failure to articulate the basic deliverables and success criteria could lead to problems at the end of the assignment. Worst case this could result in a claim for professional negligence and non payment of fees.

Fees payable
A fixed daily rate of [ £, $, € ] Insert Amount ] plus [ Sales Tax / VAT / GST ] at XX% will be payable.

Frequency of payment fees
Fees will be paid monthly in arrears, to be settled by Client within 30 days of the date of invoice.
Invoices to be submitted Monthly to [ Client Sponsor ]

Travel and out of pocket expenses
Travel and out of pocket expenses incurred in relation to agreed project activities will be reimbursed at [ Cost / Standard rates ] as agreed.

Holidays / Absence
Are unpaid and can be taken during the course of the contracted period, subject to prior agreement of the Client.

Consultant Agreement Example: Appendix - narrative:
  • As a contractor and you would not expect to receive holidays – you are not an employee

Normal working week

The Consultant will work hours as required to meet the defined deliverables within the budgeted time period as set out in section 2 of the main contract ‘Services’.

Consulting Agreement Example: Appendix - narrative:

  • Another important component that seeks to reinforce the commercial Business to Business nature of the relationship and the commercial risk that the Consultant carries
  • You will be paid an agreed Fee for delivering the assignment within the time period specified. If you underestimate the time required to deliver the project you will need to provide additional input and resource as required to complete the project within the agreed time period. You will not be paid overtime for any additional work required

Client Sponsor

[ Name ]

[ Role ]

[ Business address ]
Consulting Agreement Example: Appendix - narrative:

  • contact details for the operational sponsor of the consulting assignment – typically a Director of the Client organization

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