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Consultant Contract Template
- an Example

Contracting Direct with the End Client

The example consultant contract template provided is intended for use by a consultant who plans to contract Direct with the client, i.e. NOT working through an Agent or a Lead Consultant.

The objective is to provide an example of a basic consulting contract with straightforward explanations of the intent of the main clauses.

The bullet point text in BLUE font beneath each clause of the example contract is the narrative and explanation that I have added.

However, be alive to the possibility that the client may have a preferred contract template that you will be requested to use. This is likely to be the case when working with large organizations that have their own in-house procurement team who are responsible for supporting their business in all aspects of sourcing services from external suppliers, including consultants.

In this situation, it is likely that your client contact (sponsor) will have little choice but to propose to you that the organization's standard contract template is to be used, In these circumstances you should review the contract carefully and pass a copy to your advisors for review and comment.

My experience has been that in practice organizations are willing to negotiate and be flexible in order to accommodate the contractual requirements of the consulting firm. Often a consultant contract template is tabled by the client as the starting point for negotiation; the client will be expecting to have to be flexible on some points.

Looked at another way, the client would probably be surprised if you simply accepted the first draft consulting contract without undertaking a detailed review and challenging on some of the terms. To do this would suggest a certain naiveté and commercial inexperience which may cause the client to question your suitability for undertaking the assignment.

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