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The Change Management Consultant
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Change Management Consultant: Of the few certainties in life, Change ranks among the top. It is no mystery that the entire world is in a state of constant change and that is also true for all companies that need to adapt to their customers' changing habits. Instituting change in an organization requires a high level of expertise, the kind offered by a change management consultant.

The word change encompasses a wide range of topics when applied to the business world. In general, change management can be categorized into two areas: human resource changes and business process & operational changes. The basic idea is to identify a problem and implement new methods and systems that result in measurable, substantial, and sustainable improvements. This is the task of the management consultant assisting clients with complex business change.

Change management consulting offers an external perspective of an organization's operations and identifies discrepancies and opportunities often overlooked by or unknown to corporate leadership. They just know that something is wrong. Oftentimes they cannot see the forest for the trees. The experienced change consultant brings an objective eye to identify solutions that those inside the organization may not be able to see.

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The Change Management Consultant Services Offering
Principally driven by a fast-paced, hugely competitive and highly complex world of business, mergers, acquisitions, and integration, change management consulting has become a main-stay of business growth and success strategies. Since many companies cannot adequately initiate organized, controlled change from within their own organization or they simply cannot afford to commit the resources, the change consultant provides significant value to the corporate bottom line.

Companies are perpetually confronted with the need to change due to increasing global competition, demanding and impatient customers, and advances in technology. Typically, corporate leaders know that change is needed, but they are unsure about which changes will be most effective in delivering new capabilities within the organization. The external consultant brings fresh perspectives and ideas from different industries and different clients. Furthermore, the change management consultant offers organizations a structured approach and proven methodologies for executing and controlling change, such as PRINCE2T, MSPT and M_o_R®.
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Skills Of The Change Consultant
Initiating and managing change in the context of a complex organization demands a high degree of skill, knowledge and business experience. To be successful, change management consulting requires broad and in-depth knowledge of business processes, operations and the dynamics of employee behavior and motivation within organizations.

A range of core skills form the basis of success in change management consulting, including: people & HR management; IT & systems; process; financials and operations.

The change consultant must dissect a company's operations and drive interventions that will result in achieved objectives. This requires analytical abilities to change what is wrong and leave alone what is right and integrate that into a new coherent strategy. The change consultant must also accurately gauge the financial impact of plans made and monitor costs and savings.

A critical area in which significant skills are required is managing people. Although many change consultants have gained systems and process management skills, few master the art of working with and through people. People still make the system, not the other way around. Knowing how to motivate people to participate in change is essential to enable the change to happen as intended.

IT continues to automate many functions and through time becomes more specialized and complex. The change management consultant needs strong skills to be able to understand the interplay between people, process and technology, and the skilled change practitioner will be able to seamlessly view the impact of key proposed changes from the perspective of each.

Anyone with experience in any of the major business disciplines can work their way into change management consulting with continued knowledge building of areas in which they have little or no experience. If you have an accounting or human resources background or you are an actuary or IT specialist, for example, you have the potential to excel as a change consultant.
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Career Potential For Change Management Consultants

Considering the fact that most industries appear to be in a perpetual state of change, it is easy to see how the need for change management consulting is likely to continue for as long as there are businesses. Consequently, demand for change management consulting services will continue to be strong. Furthermore, credible competition is relatively low. Many people badge themselves as change management consultants, but few have the necessary breadth and depth of experience.

Using your existing business skills, it is a short journey to establishing yourself as a change management consultant. The path is wide open and opportunities abound, both in a broad sense and in a specialized sense. It be appears that demand for change management consulting is likely to continue to outstrip supply.

Rewards for the Change Management Consultant
The impact that good change management consulting can have on an organization's operations underpins the potential for high earnings. Financially, there are few boundaries on income potential. All ranges of six figures are possible for anyone with the right skills, knowledge, and experience. Companies are willing to pay top dollar for a consultant who can effect positive change.

Aside from the financial rewards, imagine the potential high levels of personal and professional satisfaction derived by the change management consultant. The intellectual challenges that are integral to managing complex change can be highly stimulating and satisfying. The knowledge of knowing that you have contributed to an organization's positive change of operations can be very fulfilling.

The many facets of an operation to which the change management consultant is exposed and the breadth of industries that you could potentially work in will enhance your portfolio, make you more marketable and eligible for more exciting and rewarding projects in the future. This is just another benefit of developing a career as a change consultant.

Becoming an Independent Change Consultant
Having significant business experience in a line role can often be a springboard to becoming an independent change management consultant. The more knowledge and experience in varied business functions and practices that you have, the more solid will be your foundation and the greater the opportunities.

The change consultant can readily exploit his or her skills across a wide range of industries and offer change management consulting services to clients worldwide. Independent status allows you to use your time the way you see fit as you interact with clients and other business professionals. You have control over where you work, when, for whom, and for how much. The greater your experience as a change consultant, the more discretion is available to you to direct your career and your financial future in the way you choose.

There exists within the field of change management consulting a range of options and opportunities for the consultant who has the skills and experience to effect positive change in an organization. With the right background and experience, now is a great time to establish yourself as an independent change management consultant within your area of expertise.

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