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I regularly receive enquiries about independent consulting bootcamp, a significant proportion of which relate to the technology and approach I use to create and maintain the website. Given the number of questions I thought it would be worthwhile providing some answers here…

Very simply I use Site Build It! SBI deals with all technical aspects of web site design, build and maintenance leaving me free to work on the ideas and the content. SBI combines every tool needed into a robust one-stop solution which if purchased on a piecemeal basis would cost me somewhere in the region of twenty times the annual cost of my subscription.

I define Online Success as follows. A site that:
  • Once established requires very little maintenance
  • I am proud to own and be associated with
  • Contains high quality content that makes a positive contribution to the Internet and helps people
  • Draws high levels of targeted traffic - visitors that have a particular and genuine personal interest in the niche that I know and love
  • Enjoys high levels of repeat visitors
  • Generates a significant passive income 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

A few years back I knew very little about the key ingredients that are necessary for online success. Today I still do not pretend to be an expert, however, I was introduced to Site Build It! by a respected client and I am very proud to have built and have learned a lot as I went through this process.

For me, building and developing this site has been more of a hobby - something I do when I have spare time, for example I create most of the content when traveling or staying away in hotels on business. I enjoy sharing information about independent consulting and my experiences, both good and bad.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed SBI, read the testimonials from satisfied customers and studied the statistics (fact-based evidence) for the Alexa rankings of sites that use SBI; all quite astonishing. Soon after I decided that I would make use of SBI for independent-consulting-bootcamp and very simply, the guys at SBI deliver on their promises. Period.

Infact, they Over-Deliver.

One harsh reality of the Internet is that no one is looking for YOU- people use the Internet as a tool to find content; high quality, high value and credible information about topics they are interested in, for example, about independent consulting. The only exception to this would be if you are a celebrity or are in business and have successfully built a globally recognized brand.

The reality for the vast majority of businesses is that they have to start from scratch, with no brand - they need to build their own 'Brand of One'. It gives me a real buzz when people tell me they have heard about independent consulting bootcamp and have found my website and benefited from the content, ideas and materials presented on the site.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people in business delude themselves by thinking that if they simply create a web site and sit back then traffic will flow to their site automatically. Six years back when I started to work as an independent consultant I fell into this category. I invested many hours and significant expense in creating a web site for my business which, with hindsight, was no more than an expensive shop window. The site traffic was minimal and I never secured any business whatsoever through the site.

Well, that was then, but This is Now...

SBI provided me with a 'Turn-key' solution for my consulting business website needs, giving me a site that generates passive income 24/7, promotes my business and leaves me free to get on with delivering to my clients.

Ken Evoy, founder of and his team would be delighted to provide you with answers to any questions that you may have about SBI, or simply help you figure out if SBI would be of value for what you're planning, and how. You can call SBI, request a call back or e-mail a question.

Finally, going back to the core topic of this site - working as an independent consultant, there are three points that are of direct relevance:

1. If you are considering investing time and effort in creating a web site for your consulting business then in my opinion you should seriously investigate and consider using SBI to promote your business and to capitalize on the specialist knowledge that you have in your particular profession or discipline.

2. If you aspire to achieve financial independence then SBI can help you achieve that goal just as it has for many others, myself included. However, for the avoidance of doubt, SBI is NOT about get rich quick - quite the opposite. It is about building quality content and the solid foundations which are essential for enduring online success, one step at a time - doing the right things in the right order. As with so much in life and business, some planning, hard work, persistence and a medium to long term perspective are central to success.

3. If you are reading this page it is likely that you have reached a stage in your life where you need to make some key decisions about independent consulting AND:
  • How you spend your time
  • Your financial independence and the way you currently work
  • How are you see your life five to ten years from now

Working through the process of self-evaluation, exploring options for the future and making changes in life can be difficult and unsettling for some people. However, there is Power in simply deciding to take the first step... taking ACTION is all that is required to set you on the path towards realizing your goal.

If you would like to learn more about Site Build It! then please feel free to contact me any time.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about independent consulting and whether it is right for you then you've come to the right place.

I hope you find the content on this site useful.

Wishing you every success.

Edinburgh, UK

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