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This site contains a wealth of information on the consulting industry, including insights, ideas and free resources for management consultants, whether seasoned consulting practitioners, or professionals who are planning to make their first move into the consulting business.

Independent Consulting Bootcamp provides information covering the full breadth and depth of the consulting industry including the big 4 global consulting firms, the second and mid-tier consulting businesses and boutique consulting firms.

In addition, we have created a lot of content to assist independent consultants in starting and growing their own consulting businesses either as sole practitioners or working in collaboration with others.

The authors of the content have total combined experience in the management consulting industry of 60+ years (3 consultants each with c.20+ years skin in the game). Our combined management consulting experience spans many industry sectors including banking, insurance, oil and gas, brewing & leisure, manufacturing and technology.

At various points in our careers we have all had significant experience of working:

  • As employed consultants in large / Big 4 consulting businesses
  • Client-side - employed as line managers in industry roles where we were the buyers of management consulting expertise
  • As independent consultants: starting, growing and managing our own independent consulting businesses

Most important of all, we are independent. We tell it like it is, cutting through the jargon & corporate facades and exposing the soft underbelly of the consulting business. We give you our objective interpretation of how the industry works, who's making the
money & how, emerging trends and new opportunities.

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We hope you find these resources helpful as you develop your consulting career or business.

The Team

Big 5 Consulting Firm - Definition & Context
Big 5 Consulting Firm - Overview & Characteristics
A Career in Consulting - How to make the transition
Your path to a Career in Consulting
Change Management Consultant
Change Management Consultant
Example Consultant Agreement - Working through an Intermediary
Sample Consultant Agreement - working through an Agency or Lead Consultant
Consultant Fees
Tips on Setting Consultant Fees
Consultant Jokes
The Best Consultant Jokes
Consultant Rates
Revealed - Consultant Rates
ERP Consultant - lucrative Consulting opportunities
Earn premium fees as an ERP Consultant
Download Free Independent Contractor Agreement Examples
Jargon Buster - Free Independent Contractor Agreement with Straightforward Explanations
Independent Consulting Bootcamp
Independent Consulting Bootcamp - Essential Resources for the Independent Consultant
Independent Contractor Agreement - Free Samples and Straightforward Explanations
Don't under estimate the importance of an Independent Contractor Agreement. A robust contract is an essential foundation for your protection
Independent Contractor Insurance: Information, Explanations & Resources
Your Guide to Independent Contractor Insurance Requirements
Independent Contractor Liability Insurance
Independent Contractor Liability Insurance
Independent Contractor Test
Independent Contractor Test
Global Management Consulting Market - Bank Your Share
Opportunities in the Management Consulting Market
The Essential Management Consulting Project Disciplines
Get the Basics Right - Management Consulting Project Essentials
Management Consulting Rates
Indicative Management Consulting Rates
Oracle Consultant
Independent Oracle Consultant
Process Engineering Consulting
Process Engineering Consulting
Sarbanes Oxley Consultant
The Sarbanes Oxley Consultant
Self Employed Liability Insurance
Self Employed Liability Insurance
How to Set Consulting Fees
Set Consulting Fees - Know the Ropes
six sigma consulting services
Six Sigma Consulting Services
Start a Consulting Business; Get the Timing Right
Timing is Important - When to Start a Consulting Business
Why start up my own business as an Independent Consultant?
I want to start up my own business - - Discover why Thousands of people each year decide to become Independent Consultants AND whether Freelance Employment is the right choice for you
Starting a Consulting Business
The 'How To...' of Starting a Consulting Business
Starting your own Consulting Business
Basic Definitions essential to Starting your own Consulting Business
Strategic Planning Consultant
Strategic Planning Consultant
trusted consulting partners
trusted consulting partners
Salesforce SFA Consulting Services
Salesforce SFA - a Compelling Consulting Opportunity for Sales Professionals
Leading Consulting Firms - Learn from the Best
Major Consulting Firms - Excellence comes as Standard
Management Consultants - Overview
Management Consultants - An Overview
Business Management Consulting Private & Public Sector
Business Management Consulting, Sectors & Specialization
Project Management Consulting - a Proven Niche
Project Management Consulting Services
Know the Difference between a Project and a Program
Difference between a Project and a Program
Time and Material Contract for Management Consultants
Time and Material Contract - Definition & Uses
Consulting Methodology - Definition, Insights & Ideas
Management Consulting Methodology
IBM Consulting - Intellect blended with Robust Technology
IBM Consulting - a Consulting Powerhouse
Deloitte Consulting - Professionalism and Excellence
Deloitte Consulting
Becoming an Independent Contractor - Take Charge of your Career
Becoming an Independent Contractor
Tests of Independent Contractor Status
Independent Contractor Status - Clarification and Definition
IRS Independent Contractor
irs independent contractor
Self-employed Health Insurance
Self-employed health insurance


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